Burst pipes and leak detection

No matter how minimal, leaks waste water and money as well as possibly causing damage to your home. A leaking water tap is usually caused by a washer, O-ring or jumper valve. Replacing these parts generally involves tap disassembly, and although it is tempting to try leaking water tap repairs yourself, you can damage the tap or fixtures if the job is not done correctly. To be sure of a quality professional job, call us at Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd for a friendly plumber to attend to all your leaking tap repairs promptly and efficiently.

Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd is your local full service plumbing professional. If you have dripping taps, a hot water tap leak, a shower leak, a kitchen leak, a bathroom leak or a toilet leak, our team at Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd offer complete plumbing maintenance services, and plumbing repairs for all your household plumbing needs, including:

  • Water leak detection and repair
  • Bathroom leaks, kitchen leaks
  • Leaking taps, dripping taps
  • Hot water taps leaks
  • Leaking shower repairs
  • Toilet water leaks, leaking toilet repairs
  • Fixing a leaking pipe, fixing a burst pipe

Leak Detection

Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd deals with all types of water leak detection and leaking pipe detection A water leak such as a tap leak, a shower water leak, a toilet water leak or a bathroom pipe leak on a day to day basis, from minor issues like taps leaking to major issues like a burst pipe or broken water pipes. To carry out burst pipe leak detection, Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd has specialist leak and break locating equipment for locating leaking or burst water mains and pipes without lengthy guesswork. This means Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd can find the problem and carry out repairs without the needless destruction of existing working pipes. In many cases locating and fixing a leaking water pipe or a burst water pipe can be done right away and save you money.

If you have water dripping from your ceiling or from the base of a wall in your home you may have a pipe burst. Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd are your burst water pipe plumber, we deal with many situations every year where a property owner has arrived home to find their house flooded due to a burst pipe. A water pipe burst may flood your home very quickly and can cause a lot of expensive damage. At Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd we have the expertise and specialist equipment to fix a leaking pipe or a burst pipe quickly and efficiently.

Inspection and Maintenance

We also offer an inspection and maintenance service to assist in minimising the chance of your water pipes leaking or bursting.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Noisy Pipes
  • Banging Pipes
  • Water Hammer

Noisy pipes, banging pipes or water hammer are early signs that it is time to call in a professional plumber. If left unattended these problems may eventually cause damage such as failure of fittings or burst pipes. A plumbing inspection and maintenance service by Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd will identify issues early and can prevent a major water leak causing damage to your property or home.

A common occurrence we often come across is where a customer has found water or dampness around their hot water cylinder. This could be from either a leaking pipe connection on the pipe work feeding the hot water cylinder or the cylinder itself may be leaking due to corrosion. If your hot water cylinder is leaking it generally means it is wearing out and needs replacing. Whether it is just a simple connecting pipe repair or a hot water cylinder replacement, Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd can give you professional advice and service on the spot to solve your hot water cylinder problems.

Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd are your local plumbers so we can arrive at your property promptly and provide professional assistance with your plumbing problems, from a water tap leak to a burst or broken water pipe. As with all the services from Fortune and Co Plumbing and Heating Ltd, we pride ourselves on always leaving the worksite Leak free and squeaky clean.

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